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Film Lamination

Concept of Filming

Heat energy and water usage during the metal can making process are reduced.

Technology Aims

In order to reduce heat energy and water usage, coating specification is changed to film specification, so that the dry oven and washing processes are curtailed.

  1. 3-piece laminated can

    3-piece laminated can

    New Bottle Can , Mini Bottle Can

    New Bottle Can , Mini Bottle Can

Sample Films

New Bottle Can , Film Mini Bottle Can , 3P Laminated Can

Photogravure Printing


2-Piece can

Conventionally, there are limitations in designing a printed label to be put on a metal can by a litho press or a 2-piece can decorator. Daiwa Can has successfully eliminated such limitations that are attributable to the metal surface printing, and our customers now have added flexibility to reproduce vivid photogravure images on metal cans for enhanced aesthetic appeal of their products.

Photpgravure Printing and Lamination

Combination of two areas of Daiwa Can technology results in the distinctive advantages of the photo-gravure images on metal cans:

  1. 1.Photogravure Printing

    A high speed printing line reproduces the photo-gravure images on a plastic film. It is equipped for 100% inspection of products quality in-line.

  2. 2.Film Lamination

    The printed film is thermally bonded to metal surfaces at high speed.
    The process is environment-friendly with the least of VOC emission and energy consumption.

  3. Photogravure Printing , Film Lamination

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