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Daiwa Can's Technologies Delivers Product Confidence to its Clients

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From the beginning, we at the Daiwa Can Group have consistently devoted our efforts to the research and development of can making, and eventually grown along with our customers . Above all, our aseptic filling method maintains the food’s original goodness - taste, nutrition, and color - to the utmost limit. It is also excellent in terms of preservation quality, and is good for all types of food, from acid to neutral. Film technology has advanced, too, so that fancy designs can be added to the cans.

Daiwa Can's Safe and Trustworthy Technologies

Aseptic Filling

The whole production process takes place in a clean room environment; therefore, compared to conventional production, food freshness lasts longer with less environmental impact.

Film lamination and Photogravure Printing

Our film technology creates beauty; it offers high-design products while lessening the environmental impact.

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