1. These bottles can emit foams without using gas - ecologically friendly packaging.



  • Non-toxic propellants: the bottle mixes liquid and air to emit expanding foams.
  • Able to refill
  • Easy disposal

Can be filled with commonly used equipment

High quality foams

  • No mess, stable foam won't separate out
  • Clings to surfaces for excellent cleaning results
  • Easy to spread: little waste
  • Easy cleanup

Pump Foamer

New Bottle Can

  • Pressing the nozzle emits foam.
  • Emits a fixed amount of foam with consistent proportions of liquid and air
  • Table-top and portable versions available

Squeeze Foamer

Squeeze Foamer

  • Squeezing the bottle emits the foam.
  • More cost effective than pump foamers due to simpler mechanism
  • Amount of foam depends on amount of pressure applied.

Technology Aims

Squeeze Foamer

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