Plastic Tube


New Bottle Can

  1. These tubes are widely used for cosmetic products, etc.

  • Made from single-layer or multiple-layer material depending on contents and usage
  • Multiple-layered tube can have a barrier layer in the middle to provide protection of contents and improve aroma retention.
  • A variety of decorative designs can be used.
  • Available in round or oval shape
  • A wide selection of sizes (diameter/height)

Technology Aims

  1. (1) Form sleeve [extrusion molding]
  2. (2) Print on exterior [offset or silk screen print]
  3. (3) Form thread part [injection forming or compression forming]
  4. (4) Capping
  5. Technology Aims


  1. Hot stamped foil

    Putting foil onto the tube by evaporating foil, heat, and stamping makes various high gloss finish/designs possible.

  2. Thermal transfer / Self-adhesive labels

    Putting already printed/decorated evaporation foil or label on the tube enables raised designs that direct print cannot achieve.

  3. Cap

    Hot stamping and aluminium vapor deposition (silver or gold) onto caps is also possible for decorations. Special-order caps can be designed and produced

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