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Technologies Catering to Customer Sensitivity

Technology for New Bottle Can

This unique package was developed by Daiwa Can to offer a metal can with resealable function while contributing to resource and energy savings.
Since its launch, the New Bottle Can has earned numerous industry awards and contributed to successful launches of our customers' products.

Technology for Mini Bottle Can

Our Mini Bottle Can is the prime choice for health drinks of high added-value to be served in a small amount. The Mini Bottle Can's technology will improve aesthetic appeal of a product to hold, and helps differentiate your product from your competitors.

Technology for WORC Bottle Can

Daiwa's WORC Bottle Can has a wide spout that delivers a fresh flavor of a product efficiently. Not only for beverages, WORC Bottle Can is suitable also for other types of products.

2-piece/3-piece Cans with Additional Appeal

  • By deforming cans to unique specifications, the look and feel stands out from general cans, creating more appealing product images.

  • To give a shiny look, silver ink containing power aluminum is used. The improved shape of the aluminum powder gives off a better gloss.

  • Concavo-convex on the print differentiates the look and feel by matte designs.

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