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February 22, 2011
Daiwa Can Wins Awards in Three Categories at Cans of the Year 2010!!

Daiwa Can received a total of three Cans of the Year 2010 awards at the annual Canmaker Summit held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on November 11 and 12, 2010. For this year’s contest, Daiwa Can entered three products in three different categories, and all three successfully won awards, namely, two Golds and one Silver. The award-winning products are as follows.

  • ・24-sided expanded can for Suntory Foods “Boss Gold Presso”
    (Gold award in the Beverage Three-Piece category)
  • ・120-ml film-laminated Mini Bottle Can for House Foods “Ukon no Chikara Super”
    (Gold award in the Bottle category)
  • ・Two-piece gravure laminated can with hologram ink
    (Silver award in the Beverage Two-Piece category)

24-sided Expanded Can
(Winner of the Gold Award in the Beverage Three-Piece Category)

24-sided Expanded Can

24-sided Expanded Can Suntory Foods
“Boss Gold Presso” (185g)

The uniquely designed trisoctahedron shape of this can was made possible by Daiwa Can’s expansion forming technology. Combining polyhedral body with a golden color, this package helped developing the high-quality, premium image of the product, supporting its concept of an espresso that gives adults a richly relaxing experience. It also stands out well under bright lighting conditions at convenience stores and general merchandise stores by the reflecting effect from the 24-sided face.

120-ml Film-laminated Mini Bottle Can
(Winner of the Gold Award in the Bottle Category)

120-ml film-laminated Mini Bottle Can

120-ml film-laminated Mini Bottle Can
House Foods “Ukon no Chikara Super” (120ml) (185g)

This is a sister product of our popular 100-ml Mini Bottle Can, which was first marketed in 2004 and received the Cans of the Year Bronze and Silver awards in 2005 and 2008, respectively. Just like the 100-ml bottle, this new version features a convenient resealable cap and a light and portable body but now with a stylish, longer shape with 120-ml capacity. It is an eco-friendly product that requires no water during its manufacturing process as both the inside and outside of the bottle is coated with PET film.

Two-Piece Gravure Laminated Can with Hologram Ink
(Winner of the Silver Award in the Beverage Two-Piece Category)

In this type of products, Daiwa Can has realized photographically vivid and clear graphics specific to gravure printing. In addition, the use of innovative hologram ink* has made it possible for them to offer a unique three-dimensional rainbow effect, with which the can surface changes colors depending on the tone and angle of light. Multiple graphics printed on the sheet are applied on to cans collectively to produce sets of assorted graphical cans, and this will give marketers an opportunity to develop unique marketing strategies.

Two-piece gravure laminate can with hologram ink

Two-piece gravure laminated can with hologram ink

A unique, color-changing rainbow effect using hologram ink

A unique, color-changing rainbow effect using hologram ink

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* Hologram ink is an innovative decoration technique that uses uniquely processed hologram forming sheets on which an aluminum layer is evaporated.

About the Canmaker Summit

The Canmaker Summit is the world's largest can-making technology event held annually by the Sayers Publishing Group, the publisher of The Canmaker magazine. During the two-day event, the world's major can manufacturers, beverage makers, and other related businesses make presentations on such topics as the latest technology and the market trend. The "Cans of the Year" is one of the foremost contests for metal containers, and many of the world's leading can manufacturers attend this annual contest sponsored by The Canmaker magazine.

Daiwa Can Company has received the “Cans of the Year” awards for eight consecutive years since 2003 for its technological excellence. The company expresses appreciation, with a renewed sense of commitment, for the appraisals it has received through the contest over the years.

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