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Tackling Global Warming

As a manufacturing company, Daiwa positively tackles the challenge of global warming, placing priority on CO2 reduction. We regard the amount of CO2 emission as an index not only for environmental burden but also for energy and resource savings. Therefore, in addition to the efforts made at the plants and offices, our approach to CO2 reduction includes the reduction per product basis, which means reductions in every stage of product’s life from the extraction of resources to the disposal or recycling of the product.

The “CO2 Reduction Efforts at Plants and Offices

We have set specific targets of CO2 reduction not only for the total CO2 volume but also for specific consumption (e.g. CO2 emissions per ton of product). To accomplish these targets, each plant and office works to improve production efficiency as well as the efficiency of equipments, and the company takes the results into its employee evaluation system to accelerate the efforts.

Reduction Per Product

Our commitment to CO2 reduction is also seen in the development of new products and technologies. The use of life cycle assessment (LCA) is regulated within the company for the developments of new products. In addition to the reduction in specific consumption, we are also promoting consequent reductions in CO2 emissions by producing lighter or thinner packaging products.

Our employees constantly check pipes and other parts of factory equipments to prevent energy loss.

Examples of Our Recent
CO2 Reduction Efforts


  • Motion light sensors introduced
  • Lighting area reviewed
  • Lights down during the break
  • Shift to energy-saving mercury lamps


  • Checking/repairing air leakage
  • Air flow meters installed
  • Air pressure amount reviewed
  • Compressor control system introduced
  • Air nozzles renewed
  • Air nozzles changed to blowers


  • Inverter control adopted
  • No. of vacuum pumps in operation reduced
  • Shift to energy-saving air conditioners
  • Hypoid Motors introduced
  • Charging forklift batteries during the night

Power Supply

  • Shift from LPG to town gas
  • Shift to energy-saving boilers
  • Steam flow meters installed


  • Information sharing via an energy-saving committee
  • Occasional energy-saving patrol
  • PR and other awareness-building activities
  • Thorough trash separation

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