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November 2, 2011
Daiwa’s 3-Piece Beaded Can and the Slim Wine Bottle Can Win Awards in Three Categories at the Cans of the Year 2011

At the annual Canmaker Summit held in Istanbul, Turkey on September 29 and 30, Daiwa Can received a total of three Cans of the Year 2011 awards including one Silver, one Bronze, and the Delegates’ Choice. The award-winning products are as follows.

Winner of the Silver Award in the Beverage Three-Piece Category
Welded and Beaded Steel Can with Gravure-printed Laminate for Georgia Triple Star Premium Coffee, The Coca-Cola (Japan) Co.

Georgia Triple Star Premium Coffee (190g), The Coca-Cola (Japan) Co.

Georgia Triple Star Premium Coffee (190g), The Coca-Cola (Japan) Co.

This 3-piece beaded can features a very thin body that realized a 10% reduction in thickness and a 20% reduction in weight from the earlier products. Another feature is its unique and aesthetically impressive outer surface that combines gravure printing and foam printing, adding versatility in design.

Winner of the Bronze Award in the Bottles Category and the Delegates’ Choice
Polyester-coated Two-Piece Drawn Aluminum Bottle for Petit Monteria Wine, Monde Shuzo Co. Ltd

Petit Monteria Wine, Monde Shuzo Co. Ltd

Petit Monteria Wine, Monde Shuzo Co. Ltd

Literally dubbed the Slim Wine Bottle Can, this resealable aluminum bottle is ideally designed for wines. Much lighter and less bulky than glass bottles and easier to carry, this bottle can present new styles and opportunities of drinking wines. While its appearance represents a premium feel that conventional wine bottles have, the single-serve (300ml) bottle does not require the cumbersome task of uncorking and is ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle including outdoor leisure and traveling. Through the sales via such casual distribution channels as supermarkets and convenience stores, the aluminum bottle wine is expected to create a new customer base among consumers who are otherwise not so familiar with drinking wines.

About the Canmaker Summit

The Canmaker Summit is the world's largest can-making technology event held annually by the Sayers Publishing Group, the publisher of The Canmaker magazine. During the two-day event, the world's major can manufacturers, beverage makers, and other related businesses make presentations on such topics as the latest technology and the market trend. The "Cans of the Year" is one of the foremost contests for metal containers, and many of the world's leading can manufacturers attend this annual contest sponsored by The Canmaker magazine.

Petit Monteria Wine, Monde Shuzo Co. Ltd

This year’s Can of the Year award ceremony

Daiwa Can Company has received the “Cans of the Year” awards for nine consecutive years since 2003 for its technological excellence. The company expresses appreciation, with a renewed sense of commitment, for the appraisals it has received through the contest over the years.

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