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New Bottle Can won Oscar of the French Packaging and Container Awards, EMBALLAGHE 2005.


The New Bottle Can, made for the largest French brewery Kronenburg, won Oscar, Consumer Beverage section at one of the most prestigious competitions owing to its features including:

  • *Novel design
  • *Cleanliness - The resealable cap protects the spout.
  • *Portability - Easiness to carry anywhere.

The grant of the award means, in particular, that the New Bottle Can was highly appreciated in France, a vanguard country in aesthetic design, and that the resealability, one of its great advantages, was favorably evaluated in the EU market. Daiwa Can will continue striving to add value to its customers' products by offering New Bottle Can.

The French Packaging and Container Awards These awards are international prestigious competition held since 1955 and sponsored by a French packaging industry paper, and 2005 was their 50th anniversary. Every year the competition assesses and honors packaging manufacturers from all over the world in four sections: consumption, production, logistics and environment.

Daiwa Can is one of Japan's leading packaging manufacturers, with years of experience and technical expertise, supplying Japan's major beverage manufacturers with top quality containers and packaging solutions that take a creative, value-added approach in the marketplace. Daiwa Can is currently expanding its operations in the U.S. and Taiwan with the aim of becoming a global packaging enterprise.

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