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Aluminum Spiral Bead Can won the Silver prize for the 2-Piece Can section, and Elegance Can received the Gold prize for the 3-Piece Can section in the "Can of the Year 2003".

Our Aluminum Spiral Bead Can

Our Aluminum Spiral Bead Can made for Takara Can Chuhai Sukish (Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd.) won the Can of the Year Grand Prix at the Cannex 2003 metal can competition, held in Singapore on April 1-3, 2003. Spiral Bead Can was developed to meet the needs of diversified containers for beverages including beer, low alcohol drinks, and other general beverages. First in the world, we succeeded in creating an innovative wave-like bead on our aluminum 2-Piece can body to distinguish its look and touch from those of other cans.

This Grand Prix was awarded for our high value-added features created by state-of-art technology.

This was the second Grand Prix award Daiwa was honored with after winning the New Bottle Can in the "Can of the Year 2000".

Our Aluminum Spiral Bead Can

In addition, Elegance Can (Georgia Royal Mandheling Blend) won the Silver prize in the 3-Piece section and Elegance Can received the Gold prize in the 3-piece Can section. Our Elegance Can was developed with an expansion forming useful for beverages such as coffee.

Daiwa Can is one of Japan's leading packaging manufacturers, with years of experience and technical expertise, supplying Japan's major beverage manufacturers with top quality containers and packaging solutions that take a creative, value-added approach in the marketplace. Daiwa Can is currently expanding its operations in the U.S. and Taiwan with the aim of becoming a global packaging enterprise.

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