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January 27, 2016
Daiwa Can received two gold awards at the Cans of the Year 2015.

Daiwa Can received two gold awards, one in the 3 piece beverage can category and the other in the bottle can category, at the annual Canmaker Summit held in Scotland from October 28 to 30, 2015.

<Gold Award in the Beverage Three-Piece Category>


The award-wining can is an expanded three- piece can with 18 angles and a ring on the slimmer middle section of can body. The stylish shape and design are unprecedented.


<Gold Award in the Bottle Can Category>

The Coca Cola (Japan) Company, Limited "Coca Cola and Coca Cola Zero"

The award-winning "Slim Bottle Can" inherits the symbolic curve of "Coca Cola" glass bottle known as “Contour Bottle". The slimmer middle section of this design can is formed with our accumulated technology for forming aluminum bottle cans.

<<The Coca Cola (Japan) Company, Limited "Coca Cola and Coca Cola Zero" Slim Bottles>>

About the Canmaker Summit

The Canmaker Summit is the world's largest can-making technology event held annually by the Sayers Publishing Group, the publisher of the international magazine titled The Canmaker . During the two-day event, the world's major can manufacturers, beverage makers, and other related businesses make presentations on such topics as the latest technology and the market trend. The "Cans of the Year," presented as part of the Summit, is one of the foremost contests for metal containers where the world's leading can manufacturers exhibit new technology and products every year.

Gold Award in the Beverage Three-Piece Category

<<Gold Award in the Beverage Three-Piece Category>>

Gold Award in the Bottle Can Category

<<Gold Award in the Bottle Can Category>>

Daiwa Can has received the "Cans of the Year" awards for thirteen consecutive years since 2003 and its technological capability is highly valued worldwide. The company would greatly appreciate your ongoing support for its products.

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