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August 16, 2012
Winner at 15th Nissyoku Excellent Food Machine/Material Awards

On July 9, 2012, New Bottle Can for wine and Slim Wine Bottle Can received awards in the materials division of the 15th Nissyoku Excellent Food Machine/Material Awards sponsored by Japan Food Journal Co.,Ltd.

The New Bottle Can for wine and Slim Wine Bottle Can products recognized in these awards were developed to satisfy a number of different objectives, including making wine feel like a more familiar and easily consumed product, providing container sizes suitable for a single serve, incorporating a screw cap that allows the containers to be resealed, and the use of aluminum for its light weight and ease of disposal. Since first going on sale, these containers have enjoyed growing sales and have been highly praised by many customers for their suitability for outlets such as convenience stores, for being easy to carry around, and for making wine into a beverage that can be consumed at any time or place.

Premium Canned Wine
Monde Distilleries Ltd.

Petit Monteria Wine
Monde Distilleries Ltd.

Manns Wines La La Vin
Kikkoman Corporation

Nissyoku Excellent Food Machine/Material Awards

Established in 1998 by Japan Food Journal Co.,Ltd. to mark the 55th anniversary of the company’s founding, the awards are judged by a panel made up of academics and representatives of industry and other related organizations. They are presented in three divisions (machinery, materials, and ingredients), recognizing products that contribute to the progress of the food industry through market promotion or technical innovation.
A total of 15 awards were presented this year, consisting of six products in the machinery division, five in the materials division, and four in the ingredients division. The presentation ceremony and gathering was held at the Dai-ichi Hotel, Tokyo in Shimbashi in conjunction with the Commercial Processed Food Hit Awards.

Presentation ceremony

Presentation ceremony
Managing Director Yamashita of Daiwa Can Company (left) and President Konno of Japan Food Journal Co.,Ltd. (right)

Award certificate and plaque

Award certificate and plaque

Product exhibits at award night

Product exhibits at award night
[Photographs of presentation ceremony and gathering courtesy of Japan Food Journal Co.,Ltd.]

As a pioneer in the manufacture of containers, Daiwa Can Company will continue to work toward the progress of packaging technology. We thank you for your ongoing support of our products.

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