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February 28, 2013
Slim Wine Bottle Can Increasingly Adopted for Sparkling Wine

The Slim Wine Bottle Can from Daiwa Can (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is a 100% aluminum wine bottle-shaped can that first went on sale in 2011. Sales of this bottle can have grown year by year as more and more wine manufacturers have come to recognize its features, which include a design that is suggestive of wine and a convenient size for people to purchase and drink.

Following on from its successful use for still wine (approximately one year), Daiwa Can put the Slim Wine Bottle Can on sale in November, 2012 as a container for sparkling wine, a beverage type considered difficult to fill in non-glass bottles. Unlike a glass bottle, the Slim Wine Bottle Can is light and non-breakable, and Daiwa Can is pioneering a unique new wine market by matching it with contents such as sparkling wine that can take advantage of these features.

The number of sparkling wines available in the Slim Wine Bottle Can is growing, with the nationwide release in November, 2012 of “Manns Wines La La Vin Light Sparkling (Red and White)” (Photo 1) from Kikkoman Corporation, a major wine producer, being followed by the December release of “Petit Monteria Sparkling” (Photo 2) by Monde Distilleries Ltd.

The factors such as this increased use for sparkling wine have led to forecast Slim Wine Bottle Can sales for the 2012 financial year to double, with the initial estimate of one million cans having increased to two million cans. It is anticipated that sparkling wine will account for 500,000 cans, a quarter of 2012 sales. Daiwa Can intends to undertake further sales activities with the aim of expanding sales both in Japan and elsewhere.

Photo 1

Kikkoman Corp.
Manns Wines La La Vin Light Sparkling
Red(left) and White(right) 300ml

Photo 2

Monde Distilleries Ltd.
Petit Monteria Sparkling

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