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"Ends are also introduced on this global website

We have added information regarding our ends on this website for viewer convenience.

Since the website's renewal in April 2007, when we introduced such products as Bottle Cans, we have received favorable feedback from customers all over the world, and we now add the introduction of our ends.

The ends are the parts from which consumers drink the beverage and/or take out the contents; therefore, such an important touch point with customers which would determine the overall quality of the package. We endeavor to solve our clients' problems with a wide variety of ends, in order to satisfy diversified customer needs.

We will continue to develop innovative packaging products and contribute to the creation of new business opportunities and affluent lifestyle.

Take a look at our ends products:

Daiwa Can is one of Japan's leading packaging manufacturers, with years of experience and technical expertise, supplying Japan's major beverage manufacturers with top quality containers and packaging solutions that take a creative, value-added approach in the marketplace. Daiwa Can is currently expanding its operations in the U.S. and Taiwan with the aim of becoming a global packaging enterprise.

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