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Confectionary can

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Product name Confectionary Can
Product photo Confectionary Can
Type Metal
Material Aluminum
Can type 2-Piece
Application Confectionary
Contents Chocolates, chewing gum, candy, etc.
  • Superior light / gas-barrier properties make these containers ideal for long-term storage.
  • Full-open end makes it easy to take out contents
  • The double-safety panel and full aperture rim protect consumers from incident injuries.
Color Can be printed in seven colors *Please inquire about laminate printing

Confectionary Can

  • 2-Piece Can2 Piece Can
  • O2 barrier propertyO2 barrier property
  • UV proofUV proof
Can type code Volume of contents (ml) Can inside diameter (mm) Height (mm) Neck inside diameter (mm) SOT size
A112TG 250 66.0 92.7 62.3 ¢208

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