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Our Vision & Strategies

Corporate Vision

Contribute to society as a packaging manufacturer

Our founders believe we must be a valuable corporate citizen; “contributing to the society as an integrated packaging company” is a longstanding company policy. We’ll continue to expand our efforts to serve the community, fulfill customers’ needs using expertise and experience, and pursue further technological innovations.

Our Achievements

Make Drinks & Foods More Fashionable

Special Forming Technoligy

Photogravure Printing and Lamination Technology

We've developed our own can forming technology to allow the creation of a variety of shapes that have never previously been possible.

Photogravure Printing and Lamination Technology

Photogravure Printing and Lamination Technology

Using photogravure printing and lamination technology, it’s now possible to print dramatic high-quality photographic designs on cans with sharp, vivid, and lively colors that increase visual impact.

keep Drink and Foods flavorful

keep Drink and Foods flavorful

Aseptic Filling Technology

To keep food and drinks fresh inside containers, we’ve developed a new Aseptic Filling Technology system, which seals in freshness and taste of food’s original flavor.

Enjoy a New Lifestyle

Enjoy a New Lifestyle

Can-based Technology

We’re proud that Daiwa Can has pioneered the development of a new re-sealing bottled can system in the world, created and designed with the needs of an ever-changing society and lifestyles. This system prolongs the life of carbonated drinks, as they can be re-sealed and enjoyed at a future time.

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