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President Message

With the spirit to challenge, and the determination to realize the impossible, Daiwa Can will strive to become a company acknowledged by all as indispensable to the society.

President Hirohisa Yamaguchi
Hirohisa Yamaguchi

Since its establishment, Daiwa Can has earned the confidence from our customers and the society through our business activities which have always been based on our basic philosophy to contribute to society through providing cost competitive products.
Currently, the packaging market in Japan faces various environmental changes, such as the issue of population decline.
To meet the challenges of this changing market environment, and to satisfy the further diversifying needs of the customer, Daiwa Can will carry out organizational reforms in areas including technical development and marketing, while also developing and presenting high value added products with speed.

Needless to say, the trust of the customer and society is indispensable to secure the existence of the company in the decades to come. As a company with high ethical values, Daiwa Can will not only continue to pass on our legacy and tradition from the past, but will continue our efforts to create new legacies and traditions for the coming generations.
Not forgetting to keep a feeling of gratitude in our hearts, Daiwa Can will continue to walk the path to becoming a company bringing convenience to people's lives, and also a company necessary and indispensable for the society.

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