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Daiwa Can has been one of the leading packaging manufacturers in the Japanese market.  In order to deliver our innovative products to markets throughout the world, we would act in accordance with the following strategies;

Development of A New Market by Newly Introduced Technologies, We would introduce new products and technology in order to create a new consumuer markets. We will always seek proactively for the possible new market.

Differentiation by inimitable technologies, Daiwa Can would put excellent produce --high-quality,secure and safe--, in order to differentiate from the exiting products. Furthermore,we will develop further innovative thchnologies to keep and enlarge this lead.

Our Global Market Strategy

Seeking Originality,We continually wonder what kind of high-quality packaging we can create to serve customers better, Our products are recognized for their unique designs and original concepts; we seek to enhance our requtation by leading the industry with respect to comorehenseve R&D and originality and introducing innovative technology around the world.

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