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President Message

Daiwa Can continues striving to pioneer new fields of packaging

Hisakazu Yamaguchi, President
Hisakazu Yamaguchi, President

Since its inception, Daiwa Can has been expanding its business base consistently on the basis of strength of its advanced technology and with its corporate creed of "contributing to the society as an integrated packaging company"

Today, in the 21st century when the market's needs are being highly diversified, our two major challenges are the lowest cost production of small orders and creation of value added products. Our mission is to spur technical innovation and create inexpensive products of high added-value that satisfy ever-expanding customers' expectations.

We not only manufacture and ship packaging products, but aggressively strive to explore new fields of packaging business, utilizing our comprehensive resources of packaging and product filling technology.

Our efforts for environmental protection start from R & D for basic engineering of own equipment to archive energy saving and resources conservation. We have equipped ourselves with environmental friendly production lines of own design since very early times of the growing social concern about disruption of the global environment, and we will continue further efforts.

We want to be a group of companies that are filled with innovation and creativity at all times. We are committed to strive to pioneer packaging of the next generation, setting a high goal with the spirit of challenges and making the impossible come true. And with our total resources of technology, we will continue pursuing customers' satisfaction, in response to their expectations and trust, creation of affluent lives and contribution to further development of our society.

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