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Daiwa Mini Bottle Can wins Silver Prize at "Cans of the Year 2008"!

Our newly developed film-laminated Mini Bottle Can ("Fruit Supplement, Prune 100" of Pokka Corporation) won the Silver Prize at "Cans of the Year 2008" during the Canmaker Summit 2008, held in Warsaw, Poland on September 29 and 30, 2008. (This is the third time prize in the world product contests in the past 2 years.)

film-laminated mini bottle can

The film-laminated mini bottle can, which is coated on both the inside and outside with PET film, is an eco-friendly can that uses no water during production and requires no inner coating and baking processes.
The film-laminated mini bottle can is lighter and less fragile than a glass bottle, making it easy to handle during filling and distribution, as well as in the market.

Photo: "Fruit Supplement, Prune 100" of Pokka Corporation

The Canmaker Summit is the largest can-making technology event in the world, and is held every year by the Sayers Publishing Group, the publisher of "The Canmaker." At the two-day event, major can manufacturers, beverage makers, etc. from around the world made presentations on the latest technology and the market trend. "Cans of the Year" is a famous global contest for metal containers, and the awards ceremony for the winners this year was held after the presentations on the first day.

Award presentation ceremony

Award presentation ceremony

(Mr. Shirataki, General Manager of Product Planning Dept. (left) and
the representative of Sayers Group)

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